Services for Schools

At Bear & Lapor we provide a range of bespoke services for schools. These include:

  • Team Building & Problem Solving

    These challenging events for pupils focusing on:

    • Team Building
    • Problem Solving
    • Creative Thinking
    • Applying these skills in the outdoor classroom.

    Pupils from the same class, across the same school or across groups of schools, come together to participate in various problem solving activities.

    Activities include:

    • Den building
    • Navigation
    • Games
    • Maths challenges

    Target Audience

    • Foundation stage pupils
    • Primary school pupils

    This can be either at you site or off site at an agreed location.

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  • Continuing Professional Development & Team Building

    We create a variety of outdoor learning development courses and events to meet your needs.

    They can be entirely focused on Team Building or on specific subjects, e.g:

    • Maths
    • Literacy
    • Art
    • Science
    • Or any mixture!

    Target Audience

    • All staff - Teachers, Teaching Assistants & Practitioners.
    • Plus office staff, site support staff & lunchtime staff.
    • Run a different Governors meeting, by having part of it focused outdoors.

    Dates - We are able to arrange dates tailored to your particular needs.


    • The scope and length of the programme drives the overall cost.
    • We are happy to discuss budgets and tailor programmes accordingly.

    Location: This can be either at the school or organisation's site or off site in the woods at places like Blackhills or Sconce campsites.

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Upcoming events

Future Courses

Blackhills Orienteering Course
- Find out about the new course and equipment available to hire at Blackhills Scout Campsite